The beginning of the most beautiful adventure….

I’m  truly terrible at maintaining this blog! Early last year I gave it a spring clean and a revamp and started with good intentions of keeping up with my all my photography work. And then the pace of life just overtook!! So here we go again!! First post for 2018!

This one is a personal post! At the end of 2017 I took a lovely big delicious chunk of time off from the weekday job and the weekend photography gig, left the country and escaped real life!! I headed off on a 3 month journey to Norway, the Faroe Islands and Denmark. Despite living in one of the warmer zones of Australia, it was cold weather that I craved, wild empty wintry landscapes…and slow time!! Lots of it…But as far away from my real life as possible!! Looking back I’m pretty amazed at how little planning I did yet how perfectly this trip unfolded. It was truly the most magical trip and I know I HAVE to go back to these places again!! While I was away, I posted daily phone snaps on instagram but in the several months I’ve been home have still not yet found time to wade through my 1000s of photos taken on the real camera of this beautiful slow adventure! This evening is the start…and hopefully by the end of the year I’ll  have shared a few more personal posts here as well as client work.  These images are all from my first month away in Norway….in all it’s Autumnal beauty!


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